Books as decorative items

by Cygne Sauvage

Books must be read and not just to be looked at. Using them as mere embellishments for enhancement of a home’s panoramic sense should not be the main objective for acquiring and arranging them in an ornamental array, like the sacrilege committed by the US White House’s occupant. British newspaper The Guardian points out the inanity of the incumbent First Lady’s concept of the holiday season’s decorative tree. “Well, they’re all green. That was enough for them to be selected as part of the Christmas tree of books that currently stands in the White House library…They were chosen ‘based on their varieties of green colour tones.’” Thus, the tome’s display list carries a nonsensical, incoherent theme: Esquire’s World of Golf, Robert Daley’s thriller Tainted Evidence, Simon Stow’s political analysis American Mourning, Dianne E Gray’s coming-of-age story Holding Up the Earth and James Hall’s odyssey into the spirit world of Africa, Sangoma? A reading chair is installed in the tree’s proximity, but who would dare to pull a volume and let the rest collapse on the floor, ruining the so-called spirit of the season? Perhaps, not even the Chief Executive would do such a “horrible” act.

Speaks volumes … the White House library Christmas book tree.

Books must be made accessible for reading.  A home’s library is supposed to be the place where one can comfortably sit and experience freedom of thought, or flight, the book sending the reader to its destined setting. Using books only for a spectacle of show, sans  perusing their pages is intellectual hypocrisy, not erudition.



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