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Good looks absolve Mr. Grey of crime

by Cygne Sauvage

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The world is still very much fascinated with a feudal relationship between genders. Except that the glorification of the “lord-victim” set-up is justified only when the masculine side of the relationship exudes power, pelf and good looks, with the last qualification the most essential as evidenced by the tremendous gross sales of the series on Mr. Grey.

The truth is I had not gone beyond the third page of the first installment, Fifty Shades of Grey. Its prose just did not appeal to my literary palate, especially that I had just devoured the absorbing book of John Le Carre’s latest edition, The Pigeon Tunnel.  On the other hand, I had digested all the reviews from respectable and reputable publications about this book series that tackles a sadomasochistic tryst hatched from the imagination of EL James. The write-ups all point to the main ingredients from where emanates the titillation of the fans, particularly the female sector which comprised the big bulk of readership: the male protagonist must be affluent, dashing, oversexed and oozing with beastly tendencies for violent pleasures, while the feminine partner must be virginal, submissive, innocent, delicate and most importantly, young and comely. Otherwise, the spell cast on the readers, especially among the thirty-something and above dames either enduring illusory relationships  or pining for blissful matrimony, will be non-existent. Accuse me not of sweeping judgment. All of my female contemporaries who belong to the age group just mentioned as well as the personal predicament described are ardent fans of the series though many of them are in state of denial, for reasons I cannot fathom. It is as if by having read the series one had committed a graver misdemeanor than the male lead character.

Charm coupled with opulence absolves a psychologically deranged bachelor from his crime of seducing a weak girl and inflicting physical harm, albeit the supposed victim does not fend off her partner’s twisted temperament.

Mr. Grey is not even an original personality in the  world of literature, if we can consider EL James’ volumes in this erudite class. He is not as interesting and suave as Jane Eyre’s Mr. Rochester and definitely far from the ingenuous imaginative evil of Marquis de Sade, the aristocratic debonair who captured the literary kingdom and left a legacy through his name as the term for such deviant psyche. Unlike Mr. Grey who is mere panache, the Marquis was the equivalent of a geek in his time being a writer, a poet and an artist.  Accordingly, the Marquis’s works influenced the succeeding centuries’ impressionist artists such as Monet and Degas. Two hundred years after,  his erotic writings still  generate shocking ripples. The Economist, in fact dubbed him as “The Original Mr. Grey” (Read here http://www.economist.com/news/21589093-marquis-de-sade-still-shocks-200-years-later-original-mr-grey)

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